Spalted Beech Moon Jars


Moon Jars are one of the current series of work which I am exploring. Moon jars are a type of traditional Korean white porcelain which originally was made during the Joseon dynasty (1392–1910).
A ceramic form, it has seen a resurgence  recently and notable examples of the form have been made by ceramacists including; Lucy Rie, Bernard Leach, Akiko Hirai and Adam Buick.

Spalted Beech Moon Jars
Spalted Beech Moon Jars. Made from highly spalted Beech that exhibited drying cracks prior to turning

These examples are made from highly spalted Beech, which had surface cracks prior to turning and hollowing. I find the moon jar form fascinating, it’s a very relaxing form to look at and very pleasing to handle. No two are the same, each jar has its own identity.

For more information : British Museum

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